Specialists in giving life back to old tile and grout.
  Welcome to Tile Grout & Tub Specialists!

We are specialist in giving life back to old tile and grout. We want to help homeowners and business owners enjoy the beauty of their grout, tile and stone - while minimizing maintenance. Our technicians are certified and trained on all types of grout, tile and tubs. Our proprietary restoration procedures have gained the respect of our industry as a leading solution in the aftermarket grout and tile services so you do not have to replace tubs, tile/grout walls or floors.

Save time and money by calling TG&TS!

Nothing like showering in a new looking bathroom!
  • We remove all mineral deposits
  • Soap film and mildew
  • Clean, stain or replace old grout
  • Apply sealer and glossy finish
  • New installations
  • Small tile repairs
  • Bathtub restoration
  • Cultured marble vanities restoration and more

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